Nicolas Sylvester Kamp - Aerial Photo Artist

"My focus lies somewhere between what seems to be real and what could be something else at first. "  

My passion for photography started back in 2008 when I bought my first DSLR camera during my studies in London and I´m hooked ever since. 


Born and raised in a creative family surrounded by art and culture, I developed the desire to express my creativity with something I can curate entirely by myself. Whereby the art of photography and its versatility has always fascinated me.


My step-father Frieder Burda once said, artists find it more and more difficult to create something unique, since everything has already been painted.

In my opinion, this also applies to photography.


In 2015, I discovered the world of dronography, a technology that impressed me from its early stage. I realized that drones open up completely new perspectives on the beauty of this stunning planet. Moreover, photographers and artists can create something unique and novel.


My focus has now narrowed down to Aerial and Landscape Photography, shooting with a Nikon D850, Sigma and DJI Phantom products.


I am very grateful to receive so many compliments and people buying my work. Thinking of my prints hanging in so many places around the world makes me extremely proud and thankful. At the same time, it motivates me to follow up on my passion.

The current series „Natural Borders" is now available in the Museum Frieder Burda Concept Store.


Feel free to get in touch with me through social media or e-mail.

Current Exhibition:

Natural Borders

Museum Frieder Burda - Concept Store

Current Projects:

Iceland Structures

Photo Book & Exhibition 2020

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